Nouse development has had access to a unique market space amongst the disabled population and its multidisciplinary research team including rehabilitation science professors, scientists from the National Research Council, technologists, occupational therapists and speech pathologists, all who share a vision that the Nouse will improve the quality of life amongst individuals with and without disabilities.

The Nouse has been designed and tested with input from individuals with disabilities. This has ensured suitability over a range of ability levels and demonstrated the potential use among individuals with high and low-level disabilities. As a result, this technology demonstrates that the Nouse is suitable for people with limited neck movement, reduced strength, difficulty with muscle coordination and almost any situation where use of your arms prevents the use of a typical mouse.


All a user needs is a computer with a webcam in order to use Nouse; no other gadgets, head gear or markers required.

Nouse uses a "joystick" control scheme which allows the user to navigate to anywhere on a computer screen without requiring a large range of motion.

Nouse is not tailored to be used with any specific computer application and as such Nouse users are capable of performing pretty much any task that a regular computer user, using a keyboard and mouse, can perform.

The application provides the myriad of settings that allow Nouse to be specifically tailored to a wide range of potential users.

Sophisticated software makes it easy to click on tiny objects and complex menus and perform formerly difficult tasks.

Voice commands, auto left mouse click, mouth motion and others.

Works on desktop or notebook computer from home, office, school, care facility